This Holiday Season, Let Your Need for Perfection Go

Last weekend, I started dinner hoping to cook something tasty. The last meal I had served my family was Chick-Fil-A, thanks to my daughter’s evening ballet rehearsal.

I wanted comfort food. Something I would have eaten as a child. So I prepared a meatloaf. But by the time I got it in the oven, my body had given out on me.

My family jumped at the opportunity to help.

I sat on the couch and listened in on their conversation. They were bonding over inside jokes. There were lots of giggles. It made me smile with love.

But they were also making a big mess. I heard frozen corn spilling on the floor. Someone was pummelling the mashed potatoes — whack, whack, smack. Laughter as the lid from the pepper came off and pepper inundated the poor, beaten potatoes.

My body tightened. Despite feeling so exhausted, I wanted to relieve myself of having to listen to their cooking inefficiencies. I wanted to take over!

I stood up. My body hurt. So I took a deep breath. Sat back down. Let my body relax. Yes, they were destroying the kitchen I’d earlier cleaned. Yes, their timing was way off, meaning cold mashed potatoes.

But they were making me a meal, with love. And that’s what really counts.

This holiday season, I hope you too can let go of the need for things to be done your way and accept the love that surrounds you.

I got my much needed rest. They got a chance to cook together.

It was delicious.

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