The New Year brings a new face to the Lupus Colorado Board; Welcome Dr Estevan

We are excited to welcome a new board member to Lupus Colorado’s Board of Directors.  Over the last year, we have been thinking how do we continue to expand Lupus Colorado’s reach?  With over 30,000 lupus patients in Colorado, our goal is to ensure that each of these patients and their families are aware of Lupus Colorado and our services.   To do this, it requires the ability to develop strong relationships within a variety of demographics, including people of color.  With this in mind, we are honored to introduce Dr. Estevan Flores, whose goal in joining the Lupus Colorado Board is to create more awareness and expand our reach within the Latino community. 

Dr. Flores is a sociologist who taught at CU Boulder for 10 years.  He is currently the principal of Flores Consulting LLC, where he addresses health, education and political outreach.  Among his many notable accomplishments, Dr. Flores was the Executive Director of the Latino/a Research & Policy Center at the University of Colorado Denver, served as the Chief of Population Science and Cancer Control at the Nevada Cancer Institute in Las Vegas, and co-founded the Hispanic Health Coalition, Hispanic League, and the Latino Education Campaign. 

In addition, Dr. Flores has extensive experience in lending his expertise to serve on boards and committees, most notably serving on the first national Minority Advisory Committee to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities for the U.S Department of Health and Human Services from 2000-2004.  He also served on the Board of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for five years.

In May 2015, Dr. Flores’s sister, Cecilia, lost her battle with lupus.  For 20 years he acted as her medical power of attorney. As a caregiver, he observed first-hand the devastation that lupus causes.  Like many lupus patients and their families, Dr. Flores knows where every hospital and emergency room is located in Denver.  After his sister’s passing, he was surprised to learn of how many people he personally knew whose lives had been affected by lupus.  With his passion of service through boards, Dr. Flores felt he could achieve the largest impact on lupus patients and their families through serving on the Lupus Colorado Board of Directors. 

Dr. Flores believes that providing assistance to lupus families; such as paying medical and electricity bills and ensuring lupus families can afford both food and medication, is the most important service Lupus Colorado offers.  He hopes to help spread more awareness about these services by leveraging his extensive network of educators and health organizations to help bridge the gap between the Latino Community and Lupus Colorado.   

By increasing the number of people who are aware of and use the services Lupus Colorado provides, Dr. Flores understands that more funding will be needed to ensure we can meet the needs of all of Lupus Colorado’s clients.  His experience in developing the Latino/a Research & Policy Center’s Dia de la Mujer Latina Health Fair, will be invaluable as Lupus Colorado continues to grow our education and fundraising opportunities.  

Dr. Flores attended the Lupus Colorado Community Walk on September 17, 2017 and was impressed by its organization and success.  He is looking forward to supporting the walk fundraising and awareness efforts again this September.

As a Colorado native from Pueblo Estevan’s commitment, knowledge, passion and compassion for the Colorado Latino community and Latino families struggling with lupus is unmatched.  Please help us in welcoming Dr. Flores to our Lupus Colorado Family and keep an eye out for his autobiography, which he hopes to complete in 2018!

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    Welcome Dr. Flores to the Colorado Lupus Family.

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