Seven Life Hacks for the Chronically Ill

Carie ShermanBy Carie Sherman

In my last post, I confessed that my tendency to avoid chores stressed me out.

First, thank you for the suggestions! And for commiserating. It doesn’t matter if you’re sick or not–it’s overwhelming to stay on top of everything.

So I did me a lil’ search on Pinterest, and found a few fun tips that even organizationally-challenged folks like me can handle. Enjoy!

1) Need to motivate? I tried this last night. Took a shower. Went to McDonalds. Back in bed. Which after a hot fudge sundae and fries with sweet and sour sauce makes for odd dreams. (If you need to motivate for McDonalds, you’re better off staying in bed.)  shower

2) Grocery shopping. Forgot to make a list or question the brain that scribbled it out? Bam. Take a photo. Go shopping. Consult as needed. Bet it works with the pantry as well.fridge


3) Drink up. Water, that is. When I worked at a desk, I was awesome at drinking enough water. Working from home, not-so-much. But outfitting a water bottle with visible goals might just do the trick.water

4) Brain fog. Need to concentrate? According to the interwebs, music with a strong beat can help. I plan to try this

 5) Memory fail. This tip is for anyone lending ME something. I’ve never been great about returning things. Not because I’m trying to keep your stuff. I just forget. (At least now I have the “brain fog” excuse!) So if you’d like to lend me something, take my pic!memory

 6) Kitchen re-do. Cooking is a huge task when I’m not feeling well since most of my cabinets contain stacks and stacks of kitchen implements. It’s not just annoying. It’s borderline harmful,  especially when your hands don’t grip and your joints cry each time you lift a heavy pan or platter. (These folks used extendable curtain rods to sort items vertically. Brilliant!)kitchen

 7) Alternative to popping pills. I pop enough already. Next time my hands burn, I might try this.oats

 Please note: I wasn’t able to find the original sources the images that don’t include the original source. They’re not mine and not LC’s. If one is yours, I will happily provide credit.

Do you have any lupus life hacks? Please share!