Lupus Colorado and Antidote Collaborate to Drive Lupus Research Forward

Today, Lupus Colorado is pleased to announce a new partnership with digital health company Antidote to help lupus patients and their loved ones match to clinical trial options quickly and easily. Lupus Colorado will now be offering Antidote’s powerful clinical trial search on its website.

There are currently more than 120 clinical studies in lupus, signifying the potential of new and better lupus treatments – and maybe even a cure someday. But, there’s a problem. These trials need more than 35,000 people to take part. It’s only by increasing the number of patients getting involved in research that lupus treatment options can expand.

This new search tool is powered by Antidote, and it uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to make it easier than ever for people to find their best clinical trial matches. Patients need only answer a few questions online about their health, and Antidote’s search tool will provide a list of trials for which they are likely a match. People with lupus and healthy volunteers can then get in touch with the researchers conducting any trials of interest through Antidote. And of course, all data is kept entirely confidential.

“Lupus is a disease that has been underrepresented in research to date,” says Sarah Kerruish, Chief Patient Officer at Antidote. “But the tide is shifting, and we’re excited to be working with Lupus Colorado to accelerate research in this area and ultimately provide additional treatment options to those living with lupus.”

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