Lupus Treatment

Although there is neither a known cause nor a known cure for Lupus, the vast majority of individuals with Lupus find an effective treatment program that minimizes symptoms, reduces inflammation and maintains normal body functions.

Medications Used to Treat Lupusopening lupus medication
Medications play an important aspect of the management of many people with Lupus. An array of drug therapies is now available, which has increased the potential for effective treatment and excellent outcomes. Once a person has been diagnosed with Lupus, a treatment plan will be developed by their physician based on the person’s age, health, symptoms and lifestyle. The goals for treating people with Lupus include:

  • reducing tissue inflammation caused by the disease
  • suppressing immune system abnormalities that are responsible for tissue inflammation
  • preventing flares and treating them when they do occur,
  • and minimizing complications

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Nutrition and lupus

Nutrition may be an important part of managing the disease.