Have You Met Kesha?

Kesha is Lupus Colorado’s office manager. In June, she celebrated her 10 year “lupie-versary.”  

Like so many people with lupus, her journey to diagnosis wasn’t easy. And it seriously impacted her life.

When Kesha was just 12 credits shy of her degree, she started feeling sick. In fact, she was sick for about five months. Her doctors misdiagnosed her, unsure of what was wrong. It took a trip to the emergency room on June 28, 2007, to know the severity of what Kesha was facing.

Her body was shutting down. She spent 32 days in the hospital undergoing test after test and ingesting large doses of prednisone. On the 16th day of her stay, she was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus.

Two months after her diagnosis, Kesha’s kidneys started to fail. That’s when she was also diagnosed with lupus nephritis. Kesha had to put her dreams of finishing college on hold indefinitely. She had to move back to Colorado to be near family.

Selfishly, we’re glad that Kesha is back in Colorado. And we’re thrilled that she’s able to help others with this terrible disease. As office manager, she’s the person people in Colorado speak with first about how their own disease in impacting their lives. Kesha helps people find the resources they need, including connecting them with Lupus Colorado’s emergency assistance fund. This fund helps with financial burdens, such as high utility bills, medication co-pays, and unexpected hospitalizations.

Kesha’s ability to help others with lupus helps to keep her own trials in perspective.

“As the Office Manager for Lupus Colorado, being able to help someone daily gives me hope and keeps me going and able to maintain lupus with peace of mind,” she said.

Thanks for all you do, Kesha!

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