Grumpy cat kind of day

Carie ShermanIt’s been awhile since I last wrote. My whatever-the-&*%^-this-is has been flaring, and I’m not a huge fan of my Grumpy Cat alter-ego. So I’ll keep this short.

Next week is National Invisible Chronic Illness Week. Have you heard of this? There seem to be some great resources for promoting understanding and awareness of invisible illnesses like lupus. Check it out when you have time and let’s discuss.

  1. My health insurance will be cancelled in December after 18 months of coverage through COBRA. I’m self-employed and have been denied individual coverage. My husband is in school for another year, so no group coverage for this girl. Lucky for me, the Affordable Care Act marketplace goes into effect Oct. 1. In theory, I’ll be able to get insurance. Even more lucky? Lupus Colorado has been advocating for all of us, providing Connect for Health Colorado with feedback based on our needs (thanks LC!). I plan to get started next week, so stay tuned.
  2. To all of you readers who live with chronic pain, BRAVO for getting out of bed this morning. Or at least turning on your computer. I’m too exhausted and nauseous to do much else. Everything burns. I’m budgeting time and energy with a foggy head, trying to balance rest with caffeine to get my work done and avoid being a zombie tonight with my my family for at least an hour. A virtual hug to you all.

Next time we chat, my attitude will be better. Until then, I leave you with the immortal words of Joe Dirt:

I hope his attitude–and not mine–is contagious.

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  1. Floyd

    Thank for what you do!!!! To you it may seam little to us it means the world!!!

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