Creating Your Own Formula for Good Health

Carie ShermanBy Carie Sherman

People much smarter than me could tell you how everything in the universe follows a mathematical equation. And although this is likely a complete misapplication of the theory (math was never my best subject), I have a suggestion: Find better health by determining the right formula for you.

I’m a writer. As such, I enjoy studying the craft. If you look at uber-popular contemporary authors, you’ll see they tell stories using their own unique formula. Their readers pay good money to find out that the small-time lawyer will defy odds and expose the evil corporation. Love will conquer all for the impossibly good-looking 20-something widower and the beautiful yet damaged rich woman who just moved into the old family estate. These authors have found, and often stick with, a formula that works.

Finding My Formula

For more than a year, I had more bad days than good. Through the help of good doctors, my wonderful husband, and a whole lot of trial and error, my days started getting better. Moments of lucidity cleared a path for my inner nerd to re-emerge. I began a study of my good days.

It didn’t take long to see patterns.

I spent more than a year waiting for a doctor to fix me. It wasn’t until I began focusing on life beyond my bottles of pills that I started feeling better.

I’ll talk more about my own specific formula of wellness in a future post. Until then, give some thought to your days and what parts—no matter how small—make you feel good. I’m talking about any aspect (my formula includes half & half in my morning coffee and the three minutes of snuggling I steal before my toddler asks me to turn on cartoons).  

Do you have a “formula” for a happy day? Please share your comments below. Your insight might be exactly what another reader needs to hear today.

2 comment on “Creating Your Own Formula for Good Health

  1. Katie Benesh

    Speaking of chronic illness, I have found that taking one packet of the Emergen-C with water has helped me to fight fatigue and help me stay well. Being uninsured has forced me to look hard at the prevention of illness. Having Fibromyalgia has brought me to the realization that each day is a gift. I tell my kids that everyday on our commute to school. “Today is a bright brand new day. Today is a gift.” I am sure they roll their eyes saying Mom….. but it is so true. I hope they will glean from it someday. 🙂 Yes, really good coffee helps too. We are way beyond blessed to live in Portland where the coffee scene is amazing.

    1. Carie Sherman

      My best friend swears by Emergen-C for stopping a cold.. I’ve never thought to try it! I’ll look for it next time I’m out and about. I’m sure you’re kids will definitely (someday!) thank you for reminding them of the gift of each day. I’ve been trying to do that with my daughter as well. We often talk about our favorite parts of the day, and it’s so fun to hear what she liked best. Even funnier that 90 percent of her answers are “I took I nap and I ate!” Girl after my own heart! Thanks for your message. I hope you continue to share in the conversation.

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