Create your own fundraiser to support Lupus Colorado

Each year Lupus Colorado hosts one main annual fundraiser, our Lupus Colorado Community Walk. However, there are several diligent Lupus Colorado supporters that host small fundraisers, called 3rd party fundraisers, to benefit Lupus Colorado and our Lupus families.  These fundraisers bring in an additional $1,000 to $4,000 each year.  Our goal in 2018 is to increase this amount to $5,000.  This would allow us to provide emergency assistance to approximately 30 more people in Colorado who suffer with lupus.  

Creating your own fundraiser doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful.  When most people think fundraiser, your mind jumps to large galas, 5ks, and golf tournaments.  While these are great events and profitable fundraisers, 3rd party fundraisers are smaller, more manageable, and have minimal cost to the host; such as bake sales, car washes, and pampered chef parties.  I have outlined 5 of my favorite ideas, but you can find a full list of ideas at  

Planning your own fundraiser is not only fun, but is an impactful way to get your family and friends involved in a cause that is important to you, helps to spread valuable awareness about lupus, and makes you feel incredible to give back to the Lupus community.  I challenge you to get creative and challenge your friends to do the same.  We are all in this together.  Let’s fundraise to put a smile on a lupus patient’s face, let’s fundraise to raise money for research, let’s fundraise for more awareness and education, let’s fundraise for each of our Lupus brothers and sisters.  Be sure to send your fundraising events information to me at and we will promote it on our social media channels.

Tips for Charity:  Work with a restaurant or bar that will let you guest serve or bartend.  Designate a specific night and you would be the waiter or bartender for the evening and would collect all the tips.

Garage Sale: Know all that stuff that’s been hanging out in your garage…in your attic…in your basement? Gather it up and ask your friends to do the same. Put it in your front yard and sell, sell, sell! 

Facebook Birthday Fundraiser: In order to donate your birthday, simply click on the fundraising tab on your News Feed. From there, you can select what charity you want to give to and set your fundraising goal as well as your fundraiser’s end date.

Dinner Party: Hold a dinner party for 10 (or more) of your friends. Donation: $50.00 per person. Spend no more than $20.00 per person on the food and you’ll have $300.00 (or more) by the end of the night to donate to Lupus Colorado.

Scentsy/Mary Kay/Stella & Dot/Pampered Chef Sales – Contact your local rep and see if they will have a special Lupus Colorado sale where they will donate 15-20% or more of the proceeds to Lupus Colorado.

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