October Newsletter

LC honored by Colorado Healthcare Communicators

lupus-awardsDebbie Lynch (third from right) was honored as Professional of the Year by Colorado Healthcare Communicators. She is supported by (left to right) administrative assistant  Gayna Warren, board member Carol Wright, board member Peggy Gibson, blogger Carie Sherman, (Lynch), special events contractor Rhonda Jackson, communications contractor Michelle Ancell.

Lupus Colorado was honored with three awards at the Colorado Healthcare Communicator’s Gold Leaf Awards in October.

Executive Director Debbie Lynch was named Professional of the Year by the Colorado Healthcare Communicators.

“The board and staff at Lupus Colorado know the outstanding work done by our President and CEO Debbie Lynch,” said Carol Wright, Chair of the Lupus Colorado Board of Directors.  “Her tireless efforts on behalf of Lupus Colorado have allowed the organization to grow and provide critical services to those with lupus and their families.”
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September Newsletter

People Of European Of African American Descent May Be A Great Risk For Lupus

Lupus nephritis is more common in people of European or African-American descent with two specific genes according to research just published by David W. Powell, PhD, of the University of Louisville, and colleagues in the online edition of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.  About half of all lupus patients develop lupus nephritis. The varied incidence rates of the condition between ethnic groups suggests genes may play a role.

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August Newsletter

Watch for Connect for Health Colorado marketplace

ConnectforHealthLogoFor those who suffer from chronic illness, accessing insurance at an affordable cost is a huge concern. Colorado consumers should know that the insurance climate in the state is undergoing a big change with Connect for Health Colorado. CHC will be a one-stop marketplace where Coloradans can shop and compare health insurance plans.The goal of the new online marketplace is to increase access, affordability and choice, for individuals and small employers looking to purchase health insurance in Colorado and to provide a simpler, smarter shopping experience. Connect for Health Colorado will open in October, with health coverage taking effect January 1, 2014.  Read more here.

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July Newsletter

 Lemonade from a Lemon: Delaying the Large Employer Mandate for Coverage

lemon-CopyBy Ryan Biehle, Health Policy Associate Colorado Consumer Health Initiative

In a surprising announcement earlier this month, the Treasury Department decided to postpone the employer mandate, as it is called, in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) until 2015. One of the key provisions of the law, the mandate requires employers with over 50 employees to either offer health coverage to their workers or pay a per-employee penalty. It seems nobody saw the decision coming and speculations on the consequences ran rampant. Thankfully, the shock has worn off and implementation of the ACA is moving forward with few impacts. Read full story.

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