Lupus Life Lesson: Say Yes to Help. Say No to Toilet Water.

Carie ShermanBy Carie Sherman

I was at the store yesterday and noticed a woman struggling. She was literally strapped to one child and had two others dangling precariously from the red plastic car that doubles as a grocery cart and weapon of mass destruction. One child yanked packages of Oreos from a cardboard display while the other two howled.

The woman, clad in three-inch heels from what I can only assume was a long and arduous day at work, balanced on one foot while trying to juggle large containers of juice.

I offered to help.

She looked at me and smiled. Then she thanked me, refused, and kindly told me “she’s got it.”

And she totally did have it. Of that, I have no doubt. But in my mind, she didn’t need to “have it” alone.

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Health Insurance for the Chronically Ill

By Carie ShermanCarie Sherman

If you’re like me and can’t buy health insurance because of your medical conditions, take note: Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, we cannot be denied coverage.

Here is what we chronically ill sorts need to know about purchasing individual and family coverage through our state’s marketplace, Connect for Health Colorado.

What’s Connect for Health Colorado?

Connect for Health Colorado’s website serves two purposes: selling and teaching.

On Selling: As of Oct. 1, 2013, you can apply for health insurance from this site. You won’t actually have coverage until Jan. 1, 2014, but you can see what’s available and learn how to purchase it. Two things I liked: 1) You will be able to compare plans side-by-side, including how much each costs; and 2) They represent a ton of insurance companies so there should be many options. They even are including “CYA” plans to attract the under 30 set. And if you’re like me and want to keep your same doctors, the site should let us confirm which doctors take what plans.

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Seven Life Hacks for the Chronically Ill

Carie ShermanBy Carie Sherman

In my last post, I confessed that my tendency to avoid chores stressed me out.

First, thank you for the suggestions! And for commiserating. It doesn’t matter if you’re sick or not–it’s overwhelming to stay on top of everything.

So I did me a lil’ search on Pinterest, and found a few fun tips that even organizationally-challenged folks like me can handle. Enjoy!
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Can Knowing Your Personality Type Help Improve Your Health?

Carie ShermanI love, love, love anything that helps me understand why I do what I do. Now that my husband is an educator, he’s introducing me to all kinds of good stuff. Last night it was this website: It’s a slightly different take on the Myers-Briggs test.

I took it twice. I’m an ENFP. Without a doubt.

On the good side, we ENFPs love people. We have a tendency toward warmness, openness,
and are endlessly enthusiastic and value-driven. We’re searchers. We need to feel like we’re being true to our authentic selves.

On the not-so-good side (which anyone who has shared an address with me can attest): ENFPs dislike the mundane. Particularly everyday tasks, like putting our shoes away, using a trash can, paying bills before “last notice,” placing the toilet paper on the roll–in the “right” direction, putting all underwear in one drawer, having clean underwear…you get the point.
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