A Lazy Lupie’s Guide to Eating

3 Things That Ensure a Reasonably Healthy Meal

Carie ShermanWhen you’re flaring, brushing your teeth is a challenge (and that’s assuming you even got out of bed!). Cooking a healthy meal for yourself and family on those days? Fuggedaboutit!

But healthy eating is a must. And over the last year, I’ve found a few things I can depend on to get through the ugliest of days.

  1. The computer. Use it to find a grocery store that delivers. Here in Denver, King Soopers will deliver your grocery list to your door. There’s a fee, but I know myself: If I went to the store, I’d blow that $10 on off-list items. Another helper? Amazon Prime’s “subscribe and save” service. It’s easy to set up and now frequently purchased items are delivered on a routine basis. My almond milk comes in bulk, and my stock is refreshed before I run out.
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    Pinterest has many tips on preparing frozen meals.

    The freezer. Most adults understand how to use a freezer, but mine is perpetually filled with freezer burned ice cream, oddly-shaped peas/icepacks, and the occasional straggling Otter Pop. Slowly but surely I’m coming around to tried and true things, like cooking extra when I feel well enough to cook. I recently made a huge batch of soup. On a day I felt crummy, I dumped the whole frozen chunk in my crock pot and had a decent meal for my family. I’ve also learned to keep certain things, like frozen fruit (great for smoothies), gluten free bread, and Annie’s burritos on standby.

  3. The phone. Program a healthy(ish) delivery fave into your contacts. My go-to is a Vietnamese place that makes a divine crab and avocado salad, and rice noodle bowl. It’s enough to feed my entire family—my daughter and I have stretched it out for four meals. Even on my worst days, I can manage a phone call and trip to the door. And since my daughter adores it, I have a happy girl to hang with. And, while I don’t do this enough, I also have friends and family nearby who are always willing to help. A quick call and a rotisserie chicken and bag-o-salad are on the way. Bonus? I’m sure to get a hug on a rotten day.

It ain’t rocket science, but it’s a marked improvement from the 30+ years I’ve lived with a naked pantry. This system works for me. What works for you?